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Welcome to Deven Angel Healing

and Research Center

With the changing times, lifestyles, higher competition, and the influx of more powerful viruses and diseases, many people find themselves battling several physical and mental ailments. Deven Angel Healing and Research center aims to use one of the most powerful methods of spiritual healing and guide you towards a life of better health and happiness.

With our services such as angel healing meditation and chakra healing, we tap into the boundless universal force and use it to tackle any problems that you are facing and give you a holistic and non-intrusive way to bring the change you want in your life.

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Client Reviews

Due to past surgeries, I was unable to strain my back and experienced frequent bouts of pain. Deven Healing has changed my life and the energy from their healers has helped me overcome the effects of my surgery

Amanda Smith

Manager, New York

I was feeling very down and lacked motivation after the birth of my first son. Deven Healing center helped me navigate my emotions and the changes and gave me the strength to navigate the changes in my life.

Sabrina Jones

PR Manager, New York

When I first came to Deven Healing Centre I had low immunity and used to fall sick often. In the past 1 year with healing sessions, I can proudly say i haven’t taken any sick leaves from work. I feel energized and fit due to the services of Deven Healing Centre.

Jane Bootman

Designer, New York

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