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Deven Angel Healing & Research Centre

With the changing times, lifestyles, higher competition, and the influx of more powerful viruses and diseases, many people find themselves battling several physical and mental ailments. Deven Angel Healing and Research center aims to use one of the most powerful methods of spiritual healing and guide you towards a life of better health and happiness.

With our services such as angel healing meditation and chakra healing, we tap into the boundless universal force and use it to tackle any problems that you are facing and give you a holistic and non-intrusive way to bring the change you want in your life.

Manku: Precious Gift from the Gods to the World

Sheshanag was furious. His dearest daughter, the apple of his eyes, had disobeyed him. He loved his daughter more than words could describe. His daughter was born for a Divine purpose — a purpose that she was supposed to fulfil through her lifetime. She was kept in a Divine and protected environment, away from all negative influences.

She had been given specific instructions to not play with Yakshas and Gandharvas. However, the three year old child had not needed to his instructions and was found playing with them. In his anger, Lord Sheshanag, cursed the little girl that she would be born in human form and would have to go through the trials and tribulations of the mortals. His wife, mother of the little girl, was filled with deep grief. There was nothing that could be done. Lord Sheshanag was full of grief too.

In her second life, the little girl was born as the daughter of Lakshmanji and Urmilaji. Lakshmanji (avatar of Lord Sheshanag) was unable to accept his daughter whom he recognised from the previous lifetime. With a heavy heart, Urmilaji handed over the baby to her trusted sister, SitaMataji, who was then in exile. Sitaji accepted the little baby with the warmth and love of the Universal Mother. ‘She called the baby “Manku” or Precious Gift from the Gods to the World”. Little Manku grew up with her brothers Luv and Kush. Sitaji took Manku firmly under her wings. The pain of separation from her parents was healed by the love and nurturance of Sitaji. Manky learnt both “Shashtra” and “Shaastra” from valmikiji. She played with her brothers and led a life of discipline and joy. When she was nine years old, she met the love of her life — a prince who was eighteen years old at that time. Sitaji approved of this young man.

However, the prince had to leave in order to defend his people. Manku was heart-broken. Sitaji understood her heartache and advised her to devote herself to meditation. From here on started the journey of intense meditation over a period of days and weeks and months. Manku devoted all her time in Saadhna, travelled to different planes, learning of the many mysteries of the alternate realities. She particularly loved the Mother Earth and learnt many Saadhnas and Havans to circle back her love to Mother Earth. in her third lifetime, Manku came to be born in the house of….’Sri….”, a lifelong Sadhaka. He left for the Himalayas at a young age but his Guru sent him back with the prediction that his daughter’s daughter will be a gift from the Gods. Thisdae gx third lifetime, Dr. Mohini Sharma, one of the nine Ved -Rishikas, is here in this time and plane dimensions. Born of householder parents, Mohiniji was taken to the Himalayas by her Guru at the tender age of three. She trained with the Himalayan Yogis for several years. She was later asked to get married and is blessed with a bautiful daughter and family. Mohiniji traverses between the life of a householder and that of a Himalayan Yogi.

She teaches at a college and take care of her family for some part of the year but she spend the remainder with the Himalayan Yogis,who reside in the highest terrains of the mountain range, working towards Vishwa – Kalyan(Good of the World). Along with the other Himalayan Masters, Mohiniji_ is currently working on a number of projects for the well- being of humanity — “Green ACs” which can replace the electricity run ACs, conversion of the toxic waste from the oil spills into usable form, availability of water for everyone, best practices in agriculture, creation of the unique “soul mist-odour” and so on. Besides these, she is also working on the scriptures and adding back the missing pieces lost in time and translation.

She has earmarked another two years of worldly life, after which she will move to the Himalayas to complete her work with the Masters. Mohiniji carries many messages for our current times from her lifetime as the beloved daughter of SitaMataji. She believes that for any society to progress, respect for women is must. Contrary to the popular belief, women in ancient times were accomplished and had a high degree of autonomy to take their own decisions. They were treated with respect and equality. In this age of crimes against women, we must remember the glorious status that women enjoyed and take steps to restore it. she recounts that the relationship between human beings and Nature was harmonious and a continuous one. Humans were part of a larger ecosystem that comprised of birds, animals, trees, plants and all aspects of nature. Well-being of each element of nature was important and linked to the overall well-being of Mother Earth and all its residents.

She recollects playing joyously and freely with her brothers amongst bountiful Nature, which is a joy that a many children miss today. Re-establishing our connect with Nature and giving Her the due respect is something we must re-learn. Mohiniji recalls that even as a child she was given responsibilities for personal development — she used to do her chores by herself as did everyone else. Considerable time was spent in meditation, even by children. As a result, the mind was very sharp and could attend to twenty seven different aspects at the same time.

Given our disconnection from our true self, the Human intellect and sharpness have been toned down considerably. By meditation and other spiritual practices, we can connect back to our highest potential. Mohiniji came to the GFSS(Sept.2018) with the message of the Himalayan Master for Patriji and the rest of the world. The Himalayan Masters have conferred the tile of “Pitamah”to Brahmrishi Patriji for his service to ne humanity and believe that he is key to spreading tne message of Divine Love to one and all. The Himalaya” Masters have urged each one of us to dedicate one hour of our service for the next three sixty five days, in awareness? and with sincerity for the wellbeing of Mother Earth.

Each profession plays a critical role and by dedicating one hou every day in our respective professions, WE can all show oul love to this beloved Mother who provides us the platform for all our manifestations. The Himalayan Masters, Teachers and Yogis are constantly working towards the betterment of the entire humanity and Mother Earth. As Mohiniji and the Himalayan Masters graciously and generously bless us with their abundant, unconditional and constant love and blessings, let us play our part with gratitude, in the service of Mother Earth – 1 hour each. day of aware and sincere service for 365 days Earth, towards our own collective selves.

“Thank you Mohiniji, the Himalayan Masters. Pitamah Brahmrishi Patriji and all the teachers who are constantly apreading their Love and Light on the entire humanity and the world.”

Our Testimonials


Due to past surgeries, I was unable to strain my back and experienced frequent bouts of pain. Deven Healing has changed my life and the energy from their healers has helped me overcome the effects of my surgery

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Manager, New York

I was feeling very down and lacked motivation after the birth of my first son. Deven Healing center helped me navigate my emotions and the changes and gave me the strength to navigate the changes in my life.

Sabrina Jones

Sabrina Jones

PR Manager, New York

When I first came to Deven Healing Centre I had low immunity and used to fall sick often. In the past 1 year with healing sessions, I can proudly say i haven’t taken any sick leaves from work. I feel energized and fit due to the services of Deven Healing Centre.

Jane Bootman

Jane Bootman

Designer, New York